The new FW update for the VS-1616D unleashes the power of fast switching. In addition, it adds a variety of other features such as HDBaseT XTRA range options, MAC mode on inputs (set as non-HDCP device), DVI/HDMI mode on outputs, colour depth limitation on outputs, support for K-Router Plus and various bug fixes.

The new FW update for the control, keyboard and the output cards allows the user to select between three levels of switching speed. When using high performance display devices, the Fast and Ex-Fast modes allow for fraction-of-a-second switching. Depending on the display device in use, the VS-1616D enables fast switching and extra fast switching (no reset and the connection kept alive).

The new FW for the HDBaseT cards (HDBT-IN2-F16 and HDBT-OUT2-F16) allows setting XTRA range mode, for use with resolution up to 1080p60 at 24bpp. When deep-colour is not needed, HDBaseT installations can now use 50% longer cable (up to 180m with BC-HDK at 6a cables), when paired with compatible devices such as the TP-580RXR and TP-580TXR.

The new FW allows setting HDCP support OFF on the input cards to force HDCP-Default devices such as Macintosh PCs to fail HDCP negotiation and issue non-HDCP content, to be seen on non-HDCP displays (such as DVI Monitors).

The new FW allows selecting auto-conversion between auto-conversion HDMI and DVI on the output cards, or forcing one of the two formats manually.

The output cards enable reducing/converting the colour depth to 8 bits per channel (24 bits overall) for use with infrastructure and devices that do not support deep colour. Various modifications were done to enable the system to support the new K-Router Plus PC tool.

The new FW is currently available for the VS-1616D, and will soon be available also for the VS-3232DN. In addition, fast-switching and MAC-mode setting is coming up for the HDMI fixed matrix switchers (VS-**HN family).