T1V recently announced its latest software its release for ThinkHub BYOD
collaboration software.

The 4.1 software package includes AirConnect View, which allows users to view the
digital Canvas on their Mac, Windows, or Android device via the AirConnect app. This
feature is particularly useful for remote participants who can connect to and
participate in meetings from any network in the world.

Also included in the ThinkHub 4.1 upgrade package is native Skype for Business and
WebEx video conferencing capabilities. These software-based video conferencing
solutions are now natively integrated in ThinkHub, accessible through ThinkHub’s main
navigation. Users may join an existing call, or create a new one entirely. Participants
will be able to view the ThinkHub Canvas, while in-room ThinkHub users will see the
remote participants’ screen and camera feed. A one-time setup fee applies for native
video conferencing integration.

ThinkHub now features Stylus Mode, which immediately distinguishes between finger
and stylus touch events. With their finger, ThinkHub users can move objects around
the Canvas. With a stylus, ThinkHub users can write and annotate on the Canvas.
Because ThinkHub now recognises these two different touch behaviours, users can
more quickly operate between these two actions. What’s more, Stylus Mode also
enables the user to erase annotations by creating a fist with their hand and moving
the backside of their fist in a circular motion to erase writing on the interactive
Canvas. A touch screen eraser can also be used to erase annotations. This feature can
be toggled on/off in the ThinkHub Menu.

TouchControl, which allows you to control your connected Mac and Windows laptop
from the ThinkHub Canvas, was previously only available via the T1V AirConnect app.
Now, TouchControl is available as a hardline input connected directly to your ThinkHub
device. Additional fees apply, please contact your T1V Representative for pricing.

ThinkHub 4.1 also features several updates to Canvas interactivity, including cropping,
grid lines, and themes. Images, Sketches, and Notes can all be cropped, so users can
zoom and crop content to focus on particular areas of interest. ThinkHub now provides
the option to toggle grid lines on or off in the ThinkHub Menu.

Kindly visit http://www.t1v.com/thinkhub for more