The latest model in an impressive range of professional display monitors from Sharp provides a huge 80 inch image with an impressive combination of astounding picture quality, versatile applications and modern design. Its full-array pure white LED backlight combines with full HD resolution to provide brilliant colours and a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to existing displays of this size range. Despite its low weight of only 79Kg and slim stylish design, the monitor is built specifically for the demanding conditions required in a professional environment.

The PN-E 802 sets new standards for indoor digital signage applications. The special attractions of this versatile unit include not only its large screen size, picture quality and performance but also, in particular, it’s extremely low energy consumption. The PN-E802 is designed for non-stop 24/7 operation and can therefore remain on round the clock. To keep the electricity bill within reasonable limits despite these long operating times, Sharp has equipped the display with its high-efficiency LED backlight (full array). This backlight uses hundreds of pure white LEDs located directly behind the LC display to provide uniform light distribution and therefore outstanding brightness. At the same time this system ensures that energy consumption is kept to the lowest possible level.

The monitors amazing picture quality is due to a number of features, in particular Sharp’s UV2A technology adopted in the LCD panel itself. This technology utilizes a process by which the liquid crystals in LCD panels can be precisely positioned by means of UV light. Precise alignment of the molecules in a given direction is decisive for high dynamic contrast and an increased aperture ratio. The increased contrast and higher aperture ratio result in an extremely high picture quality that is particularly vivid and true to life.

The PN-E802 – is amazingly lightweight and thin with just 12.3 centimeters depth – mean that the monitor is unobtrusive when mounted on a wall. As a result, the display with its flat design not only fits perfectly in offices and conference rooms but also provides an attractive option for displaying information, advertisements and video content in shops and public places.
Despite its sturdy, hard-wearing and long-lasting professional design, the monitor weighs only 79 kilograms making it possible to install either in landscape or portrait modes. It is therefore possible to use the monitor in a wide variety of different installations.

The PN-E802 can be fitted with an optional safety glass screen, particularly useful for installations in to public places, such as shopping centers.