One of Sweden’s best loved TV dance bands, Elisa’s, has added dynamism to its
shows by purchasing a touring lighting package from PR Lighting.

Led by brilliant singer, Elisa Lindstrom, the highly visual five-piece started taking an
interest in their own production after winning the Dansbandskampen reality
competition on Swedish Television (SVT) back in 2010.

Ljudias Sound & Light general manager, Johan Gotthardsson, soon became involved,
and the PR Lighting distributor helped them to build a touring inventory of cost-
effective light and sound components which would be easy to set up — principally
for the increasing demands of TV work.

The sale involved four XL 250 (PR-2225M) spots, one of most economic units, using
a 250W short arc discharge lamp and super efficient optical system, as well as a
pair of XL Beam 300 (PR-2330M) long throw colour beam moving heads.

“They have been using these PR heads and beams around 100 times a year since
we supplied them,’ said Johan. “At some of the larger venues they rent in eight
further LED fixtures, the XLED 2007 Beam (PR-8123) from local rental company
Nexalux, who are one of our customers.’ These ultra-compact, super-bright
fixtures, which derive their power and colour mix from just seven 4-in-1 15W LEDs,
provide an extra kick with their endless rotation.

All fixtures are integrated into a dynamic lightshow by guitarist, Markus Fryken. “It
was Markus who took the decision for the purchase,’ confirmed Johan.

And as a result their success shows no sign of letting up. Their debut album went to
#1 back in 2010 — and six albums later so has their latest. Along the way they
have won several Grammi and Guldklaven awards, with Lindstrom winning Singer of
the Year.

In fact they are pictured in front of the lighting at one of Sweden’s biggest music
festivals, Guldklaven Malung dance week recently.