This gargantuan structure has four sides, each with a huge digiLED Toura 6mm LED
screen measuring 19.2 metres wide by 9 metres high. That’s nearly the height of a
three storey house. In total, the full system hosts almost 20 million pixels.

The digiLED Toura was designed by us to meet the specification requirements of our
clients, GoVision, Panasonic and BMS. The 6mm pitch means that the pixels are
grouped tighter than any other large-scale, permanent outdoor display. The result:
a glimmering visual experience capable of offering 281 trillion different colours, is
23 times brighter and 25 percent sharper than the typical home HD TV.

The display hangs from a halo-shaped truss and features an additional circular LED
display beneath the screens measuring over 6 metres in height. Between the
screens and the LED ring, that’s more than 10,500 square feet of high-resolution,
active viewing area.

Graham Burgess, digiLED CEO says “I’ve been doing this for a long time and been
involved in some innovative and exciting projects. What we managed to achieve at
Bristol took the use of LED screens to a different level. The thrill of seeing
something on the scale of Colossus TV come together was truly awe inspiring. I’d
encourage anyone to see this monster live, it is just amazing. Our friends at BMS,
GoVision and Panasonic, together with all the other Partners involved are all so
proud of what we have achieved and we are thrilled to have been a part of such a
dynamic and thrilling installation!’


Courtesy: digiLED