VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions,
recently announced the worldwide launch of a truly integrated IPTV and digital
signage platform. The latest generation of VITEC’s EZ TV platform enhances the
turnkey system with comprehensive digital signage capabilities, allowing
organizations to create eye-catching digital signs, centrally manage IPTV and
signage content from a single interface, and automate video streaming workflows
and signage campaigns. The platform utilizes powerful hardware-based IPTV and
signage end-points that provide low latency 1080p60 playback and the reliability
required for large-scale deployments.

“With the latest enhancements we have set the bar high in terms of ease of
deployment, performance, user experience, reliability, and cost,” said Eli Garten,
VP of IPTV & Enterprise Video Solutions at VITEC. “We’re thrilled with the amazing
success we’ve had so far with EZ TV 8.0, including its recent deployment at the
brand-new Golden1 Centre in Sacramento. The EZ TV platform is quickly becoming
the new standard for IPTV and signage projects in sports venues and enterprise

The new EZ TV 8.0 platform delivers the most advanced user experience on the
market. IPTV users benefit from low-latency playback, real-time updating of
electronic program guide, video-on-demand content with new assets updating while
events take place, time-shifted TV, live video access from PCs and mobile devices,
and user-controlled mosaic viewing of multiple channels.

The integrated digital signage features offer easy-to-use signage authoring,
administration and analytics — ideal for enterprise customers and sports venues.
VITEC’s IPTV and signage end-points feature discrete hardware processes for video
and graphics, supporting the most complex digital signs that blend live streams,
video files, social networking widgets, and dynamically updated data including
sports scores, calendars, and catering menus.

More information on VITEC’s full line of products is available at