Viviteks’s NovoTouch offers an interactive screen coupled with interactive collaboration and advanced wireless capabilities, powered by the company’s unique NovoConnect Solution, which can transform any learning space into a collaborative shared environment.

The NovoTouch does much more than your average interactive screen. Thanks to Ultra HD 4K transmission, the screens provide outstanding detail and stunning visuals. An anti-glare surface further improves visibility in ambient light environments. With 20-point touch capabilities, the range is easy to use with common gesture interactivity – simply use a finger, stylus, glove or other opaque edged item for interactivity and touch control.

Central to the functionality of the NovoTouch screens, is the integration with the NovoConnect Solution which allows for up to 64 participants to connect in a digital workspace and wirelessly display their content to the main screen from a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Collaboration tools such as the on-screen mark up and wireless file sharing turn NovoTouch into a truly collaborative solution to engage all participants in the classroom.

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