Volicon recently introduced their new Distribution Monitoring solution, which
leverages the company’s Media Intelligence Platform® (MIP) to facilitate efficient
and cost-effective end-to-end path monitoring for every point across both linear
broadcast and OTT service delivery. The new solution provides users with a unified
compliance and monitoring interface for content being distributed in any format, on
any platform, to any geographic location.

“More and more content is being distributed on an increasing number of specialty
channels and services across a growing array of platforms — linear and Internet-
delivered — to an expanding global marketplace, and with this expansion comes a
host of new challenges in maintaining the integrity of content and the consumer
experience,” said Gary Learner, CTO at Volicon. “Broadcasters need a convenient,
flexible, and affordable way to make sure that all of these channels and programs
are being delivered properly. With our new Distribution Monitoring solution, we
provide a complete solution that extends monitoring from ingest to the set-top box
output and to OTT devices such as smartphones and tablets.”

Volicon’s Distribution Monitoring solution addresses all variety of distribution
mediums, whether linear or OTT feeds.

The Volicon solution is unique in that it captures a full recording of content, which in
turn gives technical staff the flexibility to target priority problems first and then use
stored audio, video, and metadata to examine and deal with past or intermittent
issues. It also is unique in allowing users to hit “pause” or “rewind” when looking at
either live or recorded content.

Volicon’s multiviewer option for the Media Intelligence Platform allows users to
extend the monitoring of multiple channels to the desktop or monitor wall. The
company’s OTT-Cloud and OTT-Device applications respectively make it easy to
monitor the signals being fed to the cloud and to monitor what’s being experienced
via the streaming media application on the user device — without the need for
manual checking of numerous devices.

Information about Volicon’s complete product portfolio is available at