Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular due to the associated benefits such as convenience, reducing costs through less travel and promoting a greener environment. Nology is delivering this technology to the South African market in a simple, affordable manner with the introduction of Yealink’s VP530 Video Phone, an advanced, powerful IP video phone with a host of features.

Offering three-way video conferencing without the need for any additional specialist video conferencing systems, along with unified audio, video and applications, the VP530 delivers video conferencing for all, bringing the power of video conferencing within reach of a wide variety of users, including large enterprises, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Small office Home Office (SOHO) users.

The VP530 incorporates a high quality hands-free speakerphone and can also be connected to a video projector or external display, ideal for boardroom or conference environments where a large video display and collaborative conversation is needed. Features include a large full colour touch screen for intuitive operation and crystal video clarity, a business oriented user interface and full integration with industry standard directory and phonebook systems.

“Phonebook and directory integration allows you to import existing contacts, eliminating the need to manually input and capture contents and assisting to drive consistency across different company directories. Photographs of contacts are also supported to add another dimension to the contact list. The phone’s business user interface ensures that you can find any person in three touches, even in a large company directory. All of these features are accessible through the touch screen interface, which enables fast and easy navigation,’ says Ernst Ohlhoff, VoIP Business Unit Manager at Nology.

Integrated High Definition (HD) voice delivers superior voice quality to increase productivity, enhancing face-to-face collaboration across geographical locations regardless of distance. Simplified deployment using enterprise-grade web-based configuration ensures that the VP530 can be easily provisioned and maintained throughout the business, and an Open API (Application Programming Interface) means that the devices are highly customisable and can be integrated with third party business applications. Integrated energy-saving Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) allows for easy deployment by allowing the user to connect the device to the corporate network via any local area network point, centralised power and backup and a reduced carbon footprint.

The VP530 is an ideal all-in-one business communication tool for executives and managers in companies of all sizes, in all sectors including private sector, government, healthcare and schools. It is also perfect for remote workers who operate out of a home office environment and cannot afford the expense of a full-blown video conferencing suite.

“The Yealink VP530 video phone is the ideal device for a number of markets and industries, as it is cost effective and offers a rich set of features that makes video conferencing a reality for all,’ Ohlhoff concludes.