VUE Audiotechnik unveiled the latest addition to its flagship h-Class family of high-definition, full-range loudspeakers.

The ultra-compact h-5 delivers the immaculate sound quality and versatility of the larger h-8, h-12 and h-15 systems in a compact and adaptable design that’s ideal for stage lip and under balcony applications to cover those hard to reach areas which are often left uncovered by the main system. It’s also ideal for applications where space is at a premium, and an exceptional output to size ratio is critical.

“The h-5, like our larger h-Class models, is born out of our “No Compromises’ design philosophy,’ explains VUE CEO Ken Berger. “We literally re-examined everything, from transducers, electronics, and DSP, all the way to mechanical deployment and remote management capabilities. It’s a comprehensive approach that can only be done when one starts with a clean slate, and leverage the most advanced technologies available. The net result is an exceptionally capable combination of size and versatility.’

The h-5 combines two precision-engineered, five-inch low-frequency transducers with a one-inch exit compression driver that features a Truextent beryllium diaphragm at its core. Beryllium technology allows the compression driver to deliver dramatic improvements in high-frequency extension and response linearity that simply cannot be matched by traditional aluminium or titanium designs. The beryllium compression driver is mounted to a new, Mike Adams-designed, precision horn with very wide 120° x 40° (H x V) coverage.

From there, powerful on-board electronics, including the same 64-bit digital processor found in the h-12 and h-15 systems, provide highly sophisticated networking capabilities and next-generation DSP that’s programmed to address every individual element within the h-5’s ecosystem. The powerful processor handles EQ, time alignment, crossover management, and speaker protection, as well as SystemVUE network control and monitoring functions.

Dual channel, high efficiency amplifiers deliver ample power for both transducers while eliminating the need for noisy cooling fans. A lightweight, fully protected, switch-mode power supply with auto voltage detection provides hassle-free worldwide operation with universal mains operation from 85V to 260V.
The h-5’s drivers and electronics are housed in a robust birch enclosure that includes integrated M10 hanging points, and optional yoke mount and rigging hardware make easy deployment as a main system, on lighting grids, or in a variety of support configurations.

Like its larger siblings, the h-5 grille is coated with a two-part, polyurethane finish that lays a transparent candy-apple red coating over a base coat of black. The highly durable finish, which ensures years of on-the-road service, offers a deep red hue that’s uniquely attractive while remaining entirely unobtrusive. The heavy aluminium rear panel is both functional and visually impactful, with the VUE logo machined directly into the heat-sink fins. All h-Class enclosures are manufactured to the strictest ISO standards, using multi-ply, cross-grain laminated birch with extensive interior bracing for resonant-free output.

“The h-5 delivers a much better balance of output, clarity and frequency response than any other loudspeaker in its category,’ concludes VUE Audiotechnik’s EVP Jim Sides. “We’re extremely excited to offer customers a true high-performance alternative for applications such as theatres, houses of worship, front fill and under-balcony systems, portable and installed AV systems, corporate AV, or any place where space and sight lines are critical.’