Andrew Rodgers, a friend to the industry and known for his proven track record
within every facet of the audio and visual industry, has joined South African based
DWR Distribution. With his vast experience in project management, technical skill
and maintenance contracts, Rodgers will head the DWR Installation Department.

Born and raised in Liverpool, Rodgers did various maintenance and repair contracts
at recording studios such as the Ezee Studio and prior to that the Pink Studio in the
UK before moving to South Africa in 1990 where he was offered a maintenance
position at Sun City’s Superbowl.

His colourful career has seen him working at Prosound in electronics design and
maintenance, and he also did a stint or two as a freelancer in South East Asia
where he worked on various projects including the project management for an audio
recording studio for Taffix Solutions of Brunei.

In 1996, Rodgers joined Tadco (The Audio Distribution Company) and worked
himself up to Technical Director, before starting his own company, Fifty South
Systems Integrators in 2009. Rodgers is renowned for his commitment to service,
excellent work ethic and attention to detail. Projects he has headed have included
cinema work, installations for control room video walls, video conferencing,
boardroom projectors and audio and multi-zone audio systems to mention a few.

“Andi has been a wonderful friend for close to twenty years now, where we often
worked on the same projects,’ said Duncan Riley of DWR Distribution. “He is
respected for his great workmanship and importantly for his humanity. This has
been a calculated decision as the installation department has been laden with
installs for now and for the future. We feel that if the correct people are in place,
we will have a successful installation at the end of the project, and a happy client.
It’s a privilege to welcome Andi to the family.’