CAST BlackTrax Ltd recruits Andrew Gordon as their new Director of Business
Development to work exclusively on growing BlackTrax real-time motion tracking
system, globally.

Andrew brings over a decade of sales, marketing management and operations
experience working formerly as Business Development Director at Freeman
Audiovisual, Canada. From 2009 to 2014, he worked with CAST Group as the
Marketing & Communication and Business Development Manager across WYSIWYG ,
Vivien and BlackTrax early stage products.

Andrew is charged with expanding BlackTrax’s business into new markets,
increasing market share and presence in Entertainment and Production markets,
instrumental to BlackTrax’s success. He will also continue to maintain successful
relationships with BlackTrax’s established customer base and growing technical
expert and support teams. For every BlackTrax project, CAST experts are available
for technical advice during set up and continued support.

This appointment could not have come at a more exciting time for the industry.
BlackTrax has proved to be an incredibly reliable tracking system and has been
used on an unprecedented scale and its potential is still being realized.

By its very nature, BlackTrax is so adaptable that in can be used in any venue, any
size and anywhere. To date, it has been used in small theatres and arenas, indoors
and outdoors, both in fixed locations and as part of touring arena productions. With
BlackTrax, an object or person can trigger a sequence of sound, video or lighting
effects with their movements, including cameras following them.

In speaking about his philosophy and approach, Andrew enthuses: “Being a part of
this level of innovation where the possibilities and applications are endless, drives
me. Efforts are being made to support BlackTrax and position it as the must-use
entertainment production tool and to establish it as the only worldwide preferred
tracking solution. BlackTrax today has been used in over 4,000 shows and counting
and can’t wait to reveal where he will take it next. Watch this space.’

Andrew can be reached to discuss BlackTrax at