Coinciding with the company’s 50th anniversary, Irish broadcast, AV and video
conferencing experts, Eurotek have taken delivery of BlackTrax real-time motion
tracking system. The purchase meets the exponential requirement for clients within
the Broadcast technology, Audio Visual, VFX and communications industry requiring
real-time motion tracking throughout Ireland.

“Eurotek has made a commitment to focus on growth, and new projects in our home
country are central to this expansion. The projects we work on are getting much
more complex, and systems like BlackTrax will enable us to deliver impactful and
compelling presentations to clients,’ said Noel McMahon, Technical Sales & Business
Development at Eurotek.

“The BlackTrax system is already used by our sister company AVtek for live event
projects, so we’ve invested in a further system.

“With BlackTrax, we see a great potential to enhance the market for projected
images. BlackTrax lets you project video (or lighting) onto free-moving objects,
using techniques similar to tracking software in VFX systems,’ added McMahon.

In explaining the benefits of BlackTrax, McMahon continued: “A number of tiny LED
emitters are attached to the object being tracked, and a number of BlackTrax
cameras then pick up the light from these LEDs, The BlackTrax system then controls
the image processor – for instance, Christie® Coolux Pandoras Box – which
manipulates the projected image to map onto the object being tracked. It’s an
amazing effect, and is used by the world’s most famous large arena shows to add
that WOW! factor.

“But it is equally impressive for corporate launches, live TV shows, outdoor events,
or anywhere that you want to control the projected image or lighting in free-space,’
added McMahon.

AVTek, one of Ireland’s leading Live Events Technical Production companies, has
long been a user of high-end projection systems, and pioneered the use of the
Pandora’s Box system. The addition of the BlackTrax system to the company’s
equipment roster raises the bar once more on the creative possibilities for the Live
Events market in Ireland, and maintains a long tradition of innovation within the

“We are excited to launch BlackTrax in Ireland’ said Tony Lanigan, AVTek’s
Technical Director. “This industry is all about innovation and creativity, and if we
can use the same tools that the world’s leading events and staging companies use,
then we are maintaining our reputation for bringing something new to the market
every year’

Eurotek took delivery of BlackTrax at ISE 2017 and will finalise training in March
2017. Read the Eurotek review of ISE at