Event Power was founded by Eventech company owner Henry Jenkins in 2008 and has gone on to establish itself as one of the leading power solutions providers for the events and broadcast industry in South Africa. In recognition of the company’s tenth anniversary, ETECH spoke with Jenkins, and Redge and Corneli Grobler about Event Power’s journey to success.

As anybody in the events industry will tell you, multiple factors go into delivering a well-executed event, many of which demand meticulous planning and expert implementation. The one factor that has the potential to derail the best-laid plans is power supply. It was this vulnerability that Henry Jenkins decided to address in 2008, when he purchased ten generator sets to provide for the needs of his production and rental company, Eventech.

“There are a fair number of suppliers that one can use for dry generator hire in the country. The challenge remains that many of these service providers have little understanding of the needs of the live events market,” Jenkins points out. “We decided to invest in ten generators for our events and have extended this service to other production companies,” Grobler explains.
Event Power supplies full-service temporary electrical power systems that are scalable to suit the needs of any event. The company is uniquely positioned to service the entertainment industry, as they have combined expertise in entertainment technology and power supply and distribution.

“We are fastidious about maintaining our equipment and adhere to maintenance schedules on all of our assets, including generators, cables, DB boards, LED Floodlights, and all of the accessories that go into delivering power for an event,” Grobler explains. “We have finished every single show that we have started – which is a record that we are determined to maintain, indefinitely.”

In addition to the full-service power solutions offered by Event Power, the company has branched into custom manufacturing to produce a range of power accessories. “Over the years, we have needed to custom design some of our own equipment to solve challenges that are unique to the events industry, and we have started manufacturing and distributing these products for our clients,” Grobler explains.

Event Power generators provide reliable power supply for outdoor music festivals

This August marks an important milestone for Event Power, as the company celebrates its tenth anniversary. According to Jenkins, some of the company’s very first clients remain loyal customers. “We have built this company on service, and it is our passion, dedication and unique understanding of this industry that we believe will carry us into the future,” Grobler concludes.


Derwalt Production Specialists and Services, a production support services company that specialises in experiential engagement, concept creation, and event production among other services, has come to rely on Event Power to supply all of the generators and power distribution for its events.

“We have developed a close working relationship with Event Power over the past six years and have come to rely on the company to provide generators and power distribution for events of various sizes across a wide range of venues – and we have never been disappointed. They are reliable, professional and extremely skilled at what they do,” der Walt points out.

VWV, a global brand experience agency based in Johannesburg, has also come to rely on Event Power to service the company’s wide range of corporate activations and public-focused live entertainment events. According to Martin Slabber, technical director at VWV, Event Power is VWV’s preferred provider, and the company has developed a close working relationship with Grobler and his team over the past five years.

For more information on Event Power: www.eventpower.co.za