Prolyte Group, renowned manufacturer of trussing and staging systems, recently
announced that it has inaugurated its new, purpose-built factory in Piatra Olt,
Romania. By opening this ultra-modern manufacturing location, Prolyte reaffirms its
vanguard position.

Prolyte started to translocate all its manufacturing facilities to Romania as part of a
long-term plan in 2010. The commissioning of the new factory is the final and most
important phase of this plan, consolidating all its European manufacturing capacity
into a 5.000m2 facility, with expansion room till 16.000m2.

The new production facility is accommodated with brand new automated production
equipment, new welding jigs and state of the art product lines. In addition, the
building contains industry-leading employee welfare and environmental systems, as
well as an in-house training facility for welding personnel.

The complete bespoke factory, including all equipment, procedures and personnel
has obtained a EN1090 certification in the highest execution class III and is further
ISO 3834-2 certified by the International Institute of Welding.

The total group manufacturing capacity will grow by 250%, which is vital for the
continued world wide sales expansion.

Lambert Bouwmeester, Prolyte Group CEO, comments: “Prolyte has always been
typified as market leader in production technology, which underpins our quality
promise. We have pioneered some production firsts, such as automated jigging and
robotized welding, these innovations will continue in our new factory’.

Mihai Hlihor, Prolyte Group COO, continues:’It’s very important to us to invest in
Europe and to assure our customers that we have the most efficient production
facility, meeting our exacting standards. We’re very proud to have achieved this in
such a short time span’.

Prolyte is confident that the new facility will cement its position as market leader in
terms of volume, quality and global network reach, as well as giving a solid
foundation for its continued international expansion.

The new factory is up and running as of January 1st 2016. The official opening is
planned to be somewhere in spring, taking into account the, sometimes harsh,
weather conditions in Romania during wintertime.