With the latest version of kompas, dimedis is presenting a revolution in the digital signage market. The integration of professional HTML5 editors such as Tumult Hype and the new template manager facilitate the workflow between agencies, designers and digital signage editors. A special feature of the new version of kompas is the template manager, which make the processes for the creation of content significantly easier. The editor creates the logical structure of the template in kompas itself using the new template manager. This allows the editor to define whether and which elements such as headers, texts or media appear in the template. A briefing document for graphic designers who build up the templates in HTML5 editors is thus created automatically. The templates import kompas, enabling the editor to use them.

The entire process requires just a few clicks. The in-house or external graphic designer still uses his or her preferred HTML5 editor to create the actual content. The new interface thus saves a lot of time and briefings become clearer – and furthermore, service providers can be involved who may have little experience of digital signage but create HTML5 content for the customer’s website as a matter of routine. To date, the interface is one of a kind on the market.

Patrick Schroder, head of digital signage at dimedis, states: “Nowadays, it is no longer possible to imagine a world without digital signage. However, the subject of content is a huge challenge for a great many network operators. To ensure that digital signage content functions without investing great effort, the workflow between agencies, designers and the digital signage editors must be improved. That’s why we have bridged the gap and, with kompas 9.0, now provide a high degree of integration with HTML editors such as Hype. Thus, we also provide agencies and graphic designers with a way of creating campaigns quickly and cheaply for use with digital signage.’