Sharp has officially launched the ILED70 in South Africa – the latest interactive LED display solution that makes copying discussion notes a thing of the past using Sharp’s new infrared touchscreen technology.

From training and brainstorming to business presentation, interactive working is a proven method for obtaining the best possible results in the minimum amount of time. The new ILED70 Touch Monitor makes it simple to exchange knowledge between several people. With a diagonal screen size of 176.6 cm and full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the display precisely renders every detail. Using its innovative detection software, any changes and comments can be immediately integrated in existing drafts on the monitor and then optionally saved or printed out.

“The Interactive LED is much more than a white board, it is a 70′ “tablet’ in your boardroom. The size of the monitor at full HD resolution, plus a sensitive interactive display, makes the unit ideal for teaching in schools and universities at multiple locations simultaneously, giving interactive presentations in boardrooms and conference centres,’ says Shaun Andrews, Business Development Manager, Sharp South Africa. “The ILED70 is ready to use as part of a videoconferencing system, where people in different locations can confer on-screen or even share screens in real time. Any file format can be imported and hard copy documents can be scanned directly to the board.’

Getting it all moving with just two fingers

The Infrared Detection System developed by Sharp improves touchscreen response and enhances its capability to integrate handwritten notes. This system comprises various infrared sensors that rapidly and precisely detect the position of the finger or touch pen. The ILED70 also has a “Dual Touch Function’ – users can scroll through contents by brushing two fingers up and down the screen and can also zoom in and out by spreading or pinching their fingers.

With the UV2A technology developed by Sharp, the ILED70 also delivers impressively bright whites, brilliant colours and deep blacks. This technology at the same time ensures highly efficient LED backlighting (full array) and prevents any loss of brightness at the edges of the screen. As a result, the contents always retain optimal legibility, whilst power consumption remains extremely low.

Easy to use and instantly networked

In developing the ILED70, particular emphasis was placed on ease of use. Sharp’s Pen Software was specially developed for Sharp interactive display monitors, making the display extremely simple to manipulate.

“Users can write and draw directly on the screen with the aid of the touch pen or simply with the finger. The displayed images can be enlarged or rotated, and any handwritten notes can be cut and pasted wherever they’re required. After making these adjustments, the final screen display can be saved, printed or emailed directly with a single gesture on the board. For example, the latest status of discussions or brainstorming sessions can be simply saved and then made accessible to a selected group of people,’ adds Andrews.

The ILED70 can be connected without problem to Sharp MFPs, printers, scanners and to the organisation’s network. Displaying scanned images on the interactive display and then saving and printing them complete with handwritten comments, is now within easy reach of anyone.