Sony is adding ultra-short throw capabilities to its line of business projectors with two new models perfect for education, training and corporate applications, as well as a range of other commercial uses.

The new models are the VPL-SW535 projector (WXGA resolution) and the VPL-SX535 projector (XGA resolution), with each delivering 3,000 lumens – which is among the brightest level offered by products in the ultra-short-throw category.
Designed to add flexibility to classroom and business presentations, the new models can deliver a large image from a short distance. For example, an 80-inch image can be achieved with the projector located a very short distance from the screen (19 inches for the VPL-SW535; 23 inches for the VPL-SX535, the distance is defined as the distance between the center of the projection window and the screen).

“The extremely short projection capability not only allows presenters to stand in front of the screen, but the new projectors are designed to greatly reduce users’ cost of ownership in terms of energy consumption and installation,’ said Wally Mohri, marketing manager for professional projectors at Sony Electronics.

The new models are designed for optimum energy efficiency, producing 3,000 lumens of color light output with just 290W power consumption for the SW535 model and 310W for SX535 model. This is achieved with the use of Sony’s energy efficient Bright Era™ LCD panels, capable of delivering brilliant pictures for a more dynamic visual experience. Also, in the event the projectors are left powered while not in use, they automatically detect no change of signal input and will dim the lamp as low as about 30 percent of original brightness to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Additionally, the expected lamp and filter maintenance time for each model can reach up to 6,000 hours depending on lamp mode selected and operating environment. These new models are the industry’s first ultra short throw projectors equipped with optical zoom and lens shift capability.

This allows users to greatly reduce the time and hassle needed to fine-tune image position without physically moving the projector and sacrificing image quality (x1.05 zoom, V:+/-4.6% H:+/-3.4% shift. V:+/-4.4% H:+/-2.7% shift for SW535).
The projectors ship with Sony’s original wall mount, which is capable of adjusting pitch, roll, and yaw of the projector.

Supporting Sony’s goals to transform education and business rooms into interactive workspaces, both projectors are also available in the United States packaged with Luidia’s eBeam technology, to enhance the creation, capture and sharing of information such as meeting notes or lesson plans. The eBeam-packaged models are the VPLSW535-EBPAC and VPLSX535-EBPAC.

Sony introduced the eBeam technology into its first short-throw projectors: the VPL-SW125 (widescreen, WXGA/2600 lumens) and the VPL-SX125 models. The new ultra-short throw products expand the levels of user flexibility even further. The eBeam Edge, an interactive product that weighs less than four ounces, is designed to transform virtually any existing flat surface – for example, whiteboards or walls – into an interactive teaching screen or collaborative meeting space, without the need for a special board or display area.

“Combining eBeam technology whith Sony’s new ultra short throw projectors will provide education and business users a complete interactive solution,’ said Jess Goedhal,General Manager, Broadcast & Professional Solutions, Sony South Africa.